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Welcome to the world of salt.



What is the SALT ROOM and to whom it is intended


Halotherapy is an upgrade of speleotherapy (underground climate therapy in salt or non-salt caves with an appropriate climate). Clinical and non-clinical studies have revealed, that halotherapy has beneficial effect on respiratory system and skin.


Halotherapy and beneficial effect


Based on Eastern European published clinical reports halotherapy (salt therapy) is suitable for asthma, chronic obstructive bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, rhinosinusopathy, chronic non-obstructive bronhcitis, chronic recurrent brocnhitis, smokers, acute upper airway viral infection, bronchiectatic disease, mucoviscidosis (cystic fibrosis), chornic fhinitis, chronic rhinitis, chornic pharyngitis, tonsilitis (adenoiditis), chronic sinusitis, acute sinusitis, atopic dermatitis, neuro-dermatitis, psoriasis, purulent skin infections, healing of post-surgery scars, multi chemical sensitivity syndrome, sick building syndrome, persons haveing contact with industrial and household pollutants.

Halotherapy is suitable for children and adults. In most clinical studies, for children therapy lasted for at least 30 minutes and for adults 60 minutes. They were carried out every day, but often people do not have time to make day-to-day visits. Experience has shown that for the beneficial effects of halotherapy, a minimum of 3 visits per week are recommended (every other day) and it must be done continuously in one cylce of 10+ therapies. Cycles are recommended to repeat 2 or 3 times a year. Today, salt caves are used as spa resorts in Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. Halotherapy is an upgrade of speleotherapy; we can control and maintain right temperature, humidity and aerosol concentration. Because of benefits for respiratory system and skin, halotherapy started spreading all over the world.

According to studies that were made, halotherapy increases the number of phagocytes in the respiratory tract and increases their activity (fagotsity is the ability to attract and absorb dangerous particles – viruses, bacteria, dead cells); increased macrophage activity (type of white blood cells with phagocyt effect); acts as a physiological osmolar stimulus, improves the rheological properties of bronchial mucus and helps in the movement of the epithelium; it reduces edema in the bronchial walls by draining the fluid into the bronchial cups, which helps to stagnate; has a positive effect on the immune and metabolic immune process (elevation of SIgA and lactoferrin to pharyngeal and bronchial flushing); increases the electrophysiological cellular activity of the epithelium of the mucous membrane; increases colonization resistance of cell epithelium with respect to opportunistic microflora; it helps to restore the biocenosis of the respiratory tract.

In skin diseases, halotherapy has a cleansing effect and restores biocenosis of the skin surface, improves microcirculation, has bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory effects. The effect of micro-crystals in salt aerosol causes normalization and induction of the reparative-regenerative process in the dermis, increase turgor of the skin, stimulate growth and improves health.

Considering all of the above, it is concluded that halotherapy generated with halogenerator in the salt room has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, the immune and cardiovascular system, the skin, the vegetative nervous system and the psychoemotional sphere.


Salt room construction


SALT room is an imitation of a natural salt cave, whose healing microclimate is achieved by blowing dry saturated air rich in the finest stone salt particles. This is done using a halogenerator; if you stay in salt room without halogenerator working, it is not halotherapy. Because of aerosol of salt air quality improves, as crystals of salt produce negative ions that can be found in nature only at sea, by waterfalls or in salt caves.

In order to build a salt room that is conceived as an imitation of a natural salt cave, an average of 2.5 to 4 tons of natural stone salt is required. All of room space is covered with salt; ceiling and walls are covered with salt, on the floor is scattered salt. There are also accompanying contents that together form a pleasant space, such as ambient light, video & audio equipment, toys for children, comfortable interior elements for relaxation and other optional content that besides the primary health function allows its users to have a very relaxing experience.

It is very important to maintain high hygiene which is achieved through the regular disinfection and with adequate ventilation. Halotherapy can be performed for groups or individually.

For halotherapy only medical pure salt without additives and hardeners is used and salt particles must be in certain sizes.


Welcome to the world of salt.